Optimizing your supply chain with Webalo

Webalo provided Bell Nursery’s Frontline Workforce with a unified view of data and processes across their entire supply chain, from seed to sale. Bell Nursery’s digital transformation allowed them to address the following challenges:

  • Supply Chain Management – with an expansive and intricate distribution network, streamlining operations was difficult.
  • Seasonal Business – varying climates mean that the business is 80% operational for 10 weeks out of the year.
  • Inventory Management – product availability was processed daily, but perishable products require hourly management.
  • Wastage – Bell Nursery experienced a significant loss of revenue due to perished inventory.
  • Employees – the company struggled to efficiently staff their frontline workforce.

To learn more about how Webalo’s Platform for the Frontline Workforce helped Bell Nursery solve persistent challenges, request the Bell Nursery Infographic today!